Victoria Azara, Ph.D.

96 Hicks Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
155 East 73rd Street, New York, NY 10021
96 Hicks Street, Brookyn, NY  11201
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About Victoria Azara, Ph.D.

 Years in Practice: 30 + Years

 Ph.D. in School/Child  Psychology from New York University
​ Postdoctoral Degree  in Adult Psychotherapy from New York University
 Certificate in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety and OCD from Massachusetts  General Hospital  
 License No. and State: 005872 New York

American Psychological Association
New York State Psychological Association
Emergency Medical Reserve Corp.


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Developmental Analysis of Human Figure Drawings in Adolescence, Young Adulthood and Middle Age, with Carolyn Saarni. Journal of Personality Assessment, 1977, 41, 1, 31-38.

Paper Presentations and Lectures:

“Mindfulness” 2016, Talk at the 92nd Street YM & YWHA

“Anxiety” 2015, Talk at the 92nd Street YM & YWHA

"Transitions:  Departures and Arrivals", 2014, for teachers at the 92nd Street YM & YWHA.

“Passionate Exchanges and Forgiveness”, 2006 APA Division 39 Conference, Panel Discussion, Moderator

“Developmental Stages and Anxiety for Ages 5-9”, Columbia Grammar and Prep School.

“Uses of Psychoeducational Testing”, Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital.

“Children’s Sexuality”, 92nd Street YM & YHWA.

“Developmental Stages and Learning Process”, NY Orton Society.

“Helping Students Adjust to Testing Situations”, Association of Teachers in Independent Schools.

“Learning Disability as a Challenge Rather Than a Handicap”, NY Orton Dyslexia Society.

“All the Questions You Wanted to Ask about Dyslexia But Didn’t Know Who to Ask”, NY Orton Society, Panel Discussion.

“The Impact of a Learning Disability on the Family”, Orton Dyslexia Society.

Workshop on Learning Disabilities, Churchill Center for Learning Disabilities.

“Using Problem Solving Techniques to Aid Children with Learning Problems”, Orton Society.

“Letting Go: Guiding the Adolescent Push Toward Independence”, Churchill Center for Learning Disabilities.

“Maintaining a Relationship with Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities”, Churchill Center for Learning Disabilities.

“Using Family Therapy Techniques in the School: The Role of the School Psychologist as Child-Oriented, Interactive and Confrontative”, New York State Psychological Association Convention.

“Identification of Learning Disabilities and Recommendations for the Classroom Teacher, A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective”, The Buckley School and Churchill Center for Learning Disabilities.

“Holistic Approach to Evaluating Children with Learning Problems”, Gouveneur Hospital; Staff of the Department of Child Psychiatry.

“Learning More About Learning Problems”, “Knowing Your Children Through Testing: What To do With Recommendations”, Churchill Center for Learning Disabilities with New York University.

“The Lives We Live.” Discussion with parents on what to expect when evaluating a child for learning disability. CBS-TV Guest Appearance.

“The Child, the School, the Psychologist”, NY Assn. of Learning Disabled, Panel.

“Danger Signals in Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Development”, Poly Prep Day School.

Forums:“Behavior Management”
“Socialization Strategies for Use in the Classroom:
“Establishing Relationships Between Teachers and  
Churchill Center for Learning Disabilities; Summer Institute for Professionals.

“The Emotional Impact of the Learning Disabled Child on the Family”, Churchill Center for Learning Disabilities: Conference with Columbia Teachers College.

“Psychological Techniques for Behavior Problems”, Churchill Center for Learning Disabilities.

“Traditional vs. Change in Life Styles: Child Raising and Child Care”, Manhattan Country School.

“When Is It Appropriate to Refer a Learning Disabled Child for Special Schooling?”, Educational Records Bureau Conference.

“Developmental Stages and Early Learning Problems”, Brooklyn Friends.

“Use of Figure Drawings in Research”, Department of Educational Psychology, New York University, Guest Lecturer.

“Developmental Analysis of Aggression Using Instrumental vs. Hostile Filmed Situations”, Eastern Psychological Association.

“Human Figure Drawings in the Study of Adolescent Sex-Role Stereotypy”, Eastern Psychological Association.

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